It’s vital for women to feel comfortable and confident in – and out – of the workplace. Skye works with women across Australia to give them a voice to boldly express themselves in their working lives.

Her expert support includes effective strategies to respond to the pervasive ‘she’ll be right’ ethos, along with one-on-one mentoring sessions, where women are coached to reclaim their strength and assertive abilities.

How Skye helps

Women all around the globe are challenging workplace sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination. While this momentum is positive, it can also be overwhelming.

You may find that even though the standards of behaviour are unacceptable in your workplace, they are still being tolerated. It takes courage, clarity and confidence to take a stance and bring about change.

Skye offers a voice of calm in the midst of the groundswell of change. With her trademark warmth and sensitivity, she instils a clear understanding of workplace rights and the complex drivers of sexual harassment.

Most importantly, she shows women how they can rise to their truest strengths in response to the issue by using a range of formal and informal strategies.

Skye can:
  • Offer one-on-one tailored mentoring packages for individual women
  • Facilitate small group coaching on developing the tools to hold difficult conversations with confidence
  • Legal services, including advice and support on legal avenues once all internal complaint mechanisms have been exhausted.

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Skye can assist with a wide range of employment and discrimination matters.