Strike A Chord is designed to open up previously unspoken conversations about sexual harassment.

With a philosophy of encouragement and empowerment rather than blame, the framework uncovers the perspectives and needs of different stakeholder groups with sensitivity. It also equips individuals with insights and tools to disrupt unhealthy behaviours, whether conscious or not.

Specifically, Strike A Chord is used to tackle three common perceptions about sexual harassment which, when combined, perpetuate a culture of indifference in the workplace. Sexual harassment occurs because it is:

Workplace Organisations (inc Universities & Schools)

In the age of #MeToo, now more than ever, workplace leaders must take practical steps to ensure that their culture is healthy and thriving. Many workplaces fail to have a sexual harassment policy in place, or don’t put their policy into action when needed, which leaves them open to vicarious liability for harassment.

As the articulate voice that every employer and employee needs to hear, this is where Dr Skye Saunders comes in.

From small businesses to large corporations, Skye can deliver interactive sexual harassment prevention training workshops (which can also be adapted for school groups or universities), workplace policy and training consulting, conference keynotes, special events, and one-on-one mentoring or coaching.

Rural Groups

Sexual harassment in typically male-dominated rural workplaces comes with its set of unique issues.

With great sensitivity and understanding based on her illuminating PhD research in the field, Skye works with groups such as Country Women’s Association and National Farmers’ Federation in rural Australia to open up the conversation, and offer the insights and strategies needed to move forward.


It’s vital for women to feel comfortable and confident in – and out – of the workplace. Skye works with women across Australia to give them a voice to boldly express themselves in their working lives.

Her expert support includes effective strategies to respond to the pervasive ‘she’ll be right’ ethos, along with one-on-one mentoring sessions, where women are coached to reclaim their strength and assertive abilities.

The solution lies in empathy, clarity and leadership at every level. This is not about blame. This is about making every opportunity count in building a fresh and thriving workplace culture.

Dr Skye Saunders

Other ways you can work with Skye Saunders


Skye is a sharp and engaging writer, and is available for research assignment. Her work is often used by businesses, community groups and organisations develop strategies to disrupt patterns of sex discrimination in the workplace.

  • Skye is a published author and has written for major Australian newspapers, blogs and academic journals.
  • She enjoys writing across themes of gender, law, sex discrimination and the Australian identity.
  • Her new book project, ‘Defying Gravity – Rising Above Sex Discrimination in the Workplace’, focuses on the themes of courage and wisdom in making a sex discrimination complaint.
  • Skye has been featured in Australian media, including ABC National, The Australian, The Age, Cleo magazine, Daily Life, The Canberra Times, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Land.

As a dedicated mentor, Skye empowers people with the skills and confidence they they need for harmonious workplace engagement.

  • Skye instils in women the confidence to speak out about sex discrimination and to have those ‘difficult’ conversations effectively and without fear. She is passionate about developing their capacities and affirming them as leaders in their own right.
  • Skye also works directly with employers and senior managers to help clearly understand Australian discrimination laws. By doing so, they can create safe workplaces and protect their organisations from the risk of ‘vicarious liability’.
  • Her mentoring services are available as 1:1 sessions customised to their needs.

A regular speaker at national and international conferences and events, Skye has the ability to powerfully engage hearts and minds. Her approach is empowering, inclusive and compassionate.

  • She delivers keynotes to audiences in Australia and overseas.
  • A visionary speaker with high level expertise, Skye explains important issues around sex discrimination with warmth, clarity and deep understanding.
  • Audience members leave her sessions determined to be agents of change, whether through challenging incidents of sex discrimination, intervening where someone is harassed, or taking steps to change the workplace culture.

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