Dr Skye Saunders is an Associate Professor of Law, the founder of Strike A Chord, an author and speaker. Read her blog and articles on gender equality, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, changes to legislation, news and events.

Workplace Organisations (inc Universities & Schools)

Skye delivers interactive sexual harassment prevention training workshops, workplace policy and training consulting, conference keynotes, special events, and one-on-one mentoring or coaching.

Rural groups

Skye works with groups such as Country Women’s Association and National Farmers’ Federation in rural Australia to open up the conversation, and offer the insights and strategies needed to move forward.

Women in the workplace

Skye’s expert support includes effective strategies to respond to the pervasive ‘she’ll be right’ ethos, along with one-on-one mentoring sessions, where women are coached to reclaim their strength and assertive abilities.

Reflections on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 2018

I returned home, having spent a fortnight participating in the United Nations Commission on Status of Women (62nd) as a member of the YWCA Australia delegation. In reflecting on the experience now, I feel an affinity with Dorothy Gale as […]

A Good Test of Thriving Leadership

There are women all across this country who are facing the isolation and challenge of rocking the cultural boat to speak truth to unlawful practice- and those who do truly are the unsung heroines of Australian workplaces. They strive for […]

Towards True Gender Equality

This blog post was originally published by ANU reporter here:https://reporter.anu.edu.au/towards-true-gender-equality I grew up in Central Western NSW and feel the spirit of the bush in my blood. It’s because of this passion that I have devoted my research to situating […]