Dr Skye Saunders

Workplace sexual harassment consultant, international speaker, published author

Dr Skye Saunders is one of Australia’s leading minds in the field of sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

Only one of a handful of experts to specialise in workplace sexual harassment issues, she has pioneered ground-breaking research on sexual harassment in the Australian bush.

Skye is a niche consultant who brings an extraordinary depth and breadth of academic, legal and research experience to her role. She partners with organisations, schools, universities, rural groups and women to shed light on all different aspects of sex discrimination.

Dr Skye Saunders is a passionate and committed advocate for the advancement of gender equality. Her work comes from her heart. Growing up in Central Western NSW, she noticed some perplexing patterns of gender engagement in the rural areas.

Later, as a law student, she realised that nothing had been written about sexual harassment in the Australian rural environment, so she did her own research. Out of that came a book, Whispers from the Bush: The Workplace Sexual Harassment of Australian Rural Women.

In 2017, the Victorian Women’s Trust produced a short documentary film called ‘Grace Under Fire’, based on Skye’s findings. Watch the film on this page.

Today, when Skye is not engaged as a consultant or workplace discrimination lawyer, she can be found delivering keynote presentations nationally and internationally. Also a university associate professor, Skye researches, writes and advocates on all different aspects of sex discrimination in academic journals and mainstream media.

Achievements & Accolades

Dr Skye Saunders is an Associate Professor of Law and is the Vice President of the YWCA Canberra.

She has taught a comparative US/ Australian Gender Law program at the University of Alabama and was twice a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York with the YWCA Australia (2018 and 2019). Skye was also awarded the Chancellor’s 2017 Distinguished Young Alumni Award (University of Canberra).

Skye is a dedicated and ardent advocate for eliminating sexual harassment and unacceptable social behaviours. Throughout the time that she has spent on the Program advisory Committee and as Chair for the National No More Harm Conference 2018, the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association has come to rely on her professional input, insight and influence as a leader in the field

Sam Stewart,

CEO, Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association

The research and speaking work that Dr Skye Saunders does for Women in Agriculture and those living and working in remote, rural and regional (RRR) communities is essential. Women need support to be able to follow their hopes and dreams, including career pathways. Skye creates practical strategies and support for women to engage and discuss the issue of discrimination and bullying as it arises in the work place. Without Skye’s research and work, women in RRR regions are once again less supported than their urban counterparts.

Sarah Parker,

President of Australian Women in Agriculture, Company Secretary of National Rural Women Coalition